Vegetable Producers & Exporters

Association of Ghana

VEPEAG together with help from SDF grant strengthened the capacity of 100 members in proper, more profitable and sustainable production of vegetables to meet market standards both locally and internationally, also to produce healthy, safe, nutritious and all-year-round vegetable crops to contribute to improved food security and alleviating poverty in their communities.
The training was conducted in four (4) regions namely Eastern (Somanya), Volta (Denu), Central (Gomoa Buduatta) and Northern (Bontanga) and spanned from the Month of April 2014 to January 2015. The training also concentrated on selected vegetable crops like pepper, tomato, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, green pepper, lettuce and bunch onions.  Other potential vegetables such as butter-nut squash were also discussed.

Challenges on inadequate/poor knowledge on good agronomic practices, lack of knowledge on new innovative all-year-round technology for vegetable production and inadequate/poor knowledge of managing farm as a business were addressed.

At the end of the training farmers learnt new and better methods of production (Good agronomic practices), more usage of compost, less chemical fertilizers and pesticide usage, technology of producing or increasing production with lesser acreage of farmland with compost and organic fertilizers and trained farmers will train other members of the association who will in turn spread the knowledge and skill acquired to about 3380 outgrowers, thus the multiplier effect will be high.
The management skills given to the farmers will help them better manage their production and personnel.


Plate 1 : Farmers practicing Seed Sowing in drill on seed bed
 By Ivy A. Ablorh   and edited by Victor S. Flow-Mensah         
(Agronomist)                            (Administrative Manager)
19th May, 2015 (VEPEAG)